About Us

About Us

 Our Progress

We are an independent organisation run by a group of fourteen Trustees who are all volunteers.

We have an agreed constitution which defines the purpose of the organisation and how it shall be governed and administered. We produced a Development Plan which defines the objectives of the organisation, what we need to do to meet those objectives, practically and financially. We gained Charity Status on the 24th of August 2016 and our number is  SC046805.

We have a list of over 80 interested citizens who converted the premises which the Council Leased to us, and we meet, socialise, carry out a variety of activities, and enjoy the process of working together and doing some good in the community. Our Shed has been split into two parts, one half for machinery, and the other for social activity. Not long after our Shed was up and running we had a Board meeting where we started the process of being able to rent the social part, at very low rates, to bona fide groups when the Men’s Shed are not using it.

We have been holding regular meetings for chat’s, table top projects, and discussions with the members of their ideas for the Shed for some time now, and it feels like we’ve always been together, such is the camaraderie.

Our beginnings…..

In April 2016, 45 men (and two ladies) attended a ‘show-n-tell’, led by Jason Schroeder of the AVA, on Men’s Sheds. This initial meeting was  organised by the Rotary Club of Stonehaven.  Jason was clearly talking to the right group of people as very soon afterwards a Trustees committee was formed and activity took off to make the Stonehaven Men’s Shed a reality.

We have had just over two years of meetings since then (written Nov ’18), have generated our constitution document, gained Charity Status, created a business plan and had raised over £30,000 to partially fund refurbishing of our premises. The majority of funding, £38,209, came from LEADER (a French acronym – Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l’Économie Rurale – which roughly translates as ‘Liaison among Actors in Rural Economic Development funding’) which was secured through the South Aberdeenshire Local Action Group (SALAG) to which group we are very grateful.

Members of the Trustees committee visited Westhill, Inverurie, Portlethen and Montrose Men’s Sheds to gain insight into their start-up processes and pitfalls experienced along the way. Their advice and help is greatly appreciated and have aided us in our preparations and planning.



Emergency First Aid Training Course

First Aid skills are always useful to have but for the Shedders from the Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed it is a requirement for safe operations in our, now superb, premises, the Men’s Shed Beach Pavilion, Beach Road, AB39 2TN. We needed First Aid skills for our Shed Safety Supervisors who oversee the final renovation and the operation of our Shed. This is to meet the requirements of Shed’s Health and Safety Policy.
Emergency First Aid trainer Dorothy Clark led the training which had an effective blend of practical activities and theory, resulting in all the candidates passing the course. 
All the Shedders had looked forward very much to a speedy entry into our permanent Shed and now that we have managed that we are happily working together for each other and to support the community.

Find out more about “Men’s Sheds“, where they began, who they are for and how they help men and the wider community?

We also have our own Facebook page, join us there to be kept up to date with what is happening in the Shed.