Stonehaven Men’s Shed recognises the positive contribution which the Arts, including the visual arts, make both for those who enjoy them for the beauty and interest which they contribute to our world, and for the satisfaction and sense of achievement they give to those who create them. The Arts Group is open to all Stonehaven Men’s Shed members. You can jump in and out at any time. Although the art sessions are all free you will need to pay for your own materials. However, we do try to keep these costs down to the absolute minimum!

It is also our conviction that everyone can enjoy and benefit from participation in creative and expressive activity, and it is for this reason we support and promote such activities.

Our first such venture has been in the field of the visual arts, and we have “set out our stall”, artistically speaking, with a HUGE mural painting stretching the whole width of our premises, designed and painted by the members themselves and showing some of the ways “ordinary” men like ourselves have contributed to our region through our involvement in farming, fishing, and the offshore energy industries.

Click here to see a video of the full mural

Following on from, and building upon the success of our mural we have immediately set off on a new artistic challenge:


Every year, for a few days in late summer throughout the region, artists and craftspeople open their studios to the public. This is known as the North East Open Studios project, or “NEOS“, for short.

We at Stonehaven Men’s Shed have formed a group committed to producing, mounting, and framing enough of our own artwork by next September to mount our own exhibition in the Men’s Shed as part of next year’s NEOS event, turning the Men’s Shed Beach Pavilion into a temporary “pop-up” commercial art gallery, with proceeds from sales split evenly between the artists themselves and the Men’s Shed.

This group is made up largely of members with little or no previous experience as artists but who, with the active support and guidance of those members who have such experience, are willing to try to develop the drawing, painting, and framing skills necessary. In fact we already have a number of very attractive mounted and framed artworks ready for sale!




The art group currently runs from 10:15 to 12:00 every Thursday.