The Committee

Shortly after an initial meeting in April 2016, a committee to guide, steer and coordinate the development of the Stonehaven and District Men’s Shed was created. We have accomplished a lot in the time since then, having gained charitable status, written and adopted our Constitution, applied for sources of funding and have worked on myriad other day-to-day items that a new group and a new charity needs.

We successfully took a 19 year Lease agreement for the Beach Pavilion on the outskirts of the town and now have our Shed where we work “shoulder-to-shoulder”, as the founder of Men’s Sheds in Australia coined 20 years ago.

Please find below our updated Board of Trustees:
Chair: Bill Allan
Vice Chair: Duncan Cursiter
Secretary: Douglas Knox
Treasurer: Tom Hannan
Paul Bentley
Peter Cooper
Kenny Dingwall
Jim Mackenzie
George McKinnon
Murray Marshall
Raymond Penny
David Ross
Bob Stirling
Paul Tosh