Shed Access – COVID

COVID-19 Restricted Session Bookings

The Shed is now open again 5 mornings per week from 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs, and the Polytunnel has been open from the 1st of March.

Our Treasurer, Tom Hannan has taken on obtaining and managing the booking system, and has written a ‘How to Use It’ for the benefit of all, as posted below.

On line booking system – Shlott

Once a shedders details have been uploaded to the booking system an automated e-mail will be sent to the shedder inviting them to login to Shlott and create a password. Do remember your password! For ease, please click this link to be taken to the website login page.

How to Book
1. Once logged in, click on “MONTH” view in the menu bar at the top, i.e.:

2. Select one of the options to get the Month.

3. Select the day you are interested in, ie., 15 October.

4. Double click on the day box, then double click on an un-booked element, i.e., Workshop 1 at 09:00 or Social 1 at 09:00…..

5. Populate the pop up box, your name should default in so just validate/change the timings then click on create booking.

That’s the booking done.


Day View – to review bookings for a particular day.

Again, you can click on a vacant slot and validate the pop-up box for timings, etc.

Week view will show you bookings for that week, go back to Day View to book an empty slot.

To see, perhaps, what slots are open for Shed Supervisor, Workshop spaces 1 -5, Social Area 1 – 4.

Green shows open slots for, in this case, Shed Supervisor.

Please click this link to be taken to the website login page.

If you make an error, or need a booking cancelled, send an email to Tom or Andy:
Email Tom
Email Andy

If you have difficulty in using the tool then let Tom know and he will coach you either at the Shed or over the phone.

Tom can be reached by calling his mobile onTom Hannan's tel #or  get in touch with him by

If you’re a bit late and want to check up with the SSS to see if there are slots left, then call him on:

To get back into our website one should only have to close the bookings page, but if that doesn’t get you back in then look in the tabs of your web browser and click on the appropriate tab.