Easter Bunnies & Chicks

On this page we have Easter Bunnies, as well as those wonderful Easter Chicks.

Very recently we built attractive Christmas Reindeer, Santas, Candlesticks, etc., and it seems that you liked them a lot as you couldn’t get enough of them.
We hope you enjoy out Easter items just as much.

Below you’ll see a selection of the Easter items we’ve made so far. Please browse through and expand the pictures to see them much better.

We now have these cracking creatures priced, as per the pictures below. Most for less than a cup of coffee and a bun.

Please  contact us to order your Easter goodies. Don’t leave it too late to order as it takes time to make these items and we’d hate you to be disappointed.

If there is something else you would like us to make for you then please send us a picture, along with an approximate size, and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.
Thank you very much for looking, and passing on your finds to others – it helps us so much in finding the funds needed to run our Shed.

We also have Bird Boxes for sale which you’ll get to by clicking here.