Items for Sale

On these links, we have Nest Boxes, Easter Bunnies, Rabbits, Chicks & Others, as well as Bicycles for sale.

You can buy your Easter goodies at any time. They’re great to have around for children to play with.

As far as the Nest Boxes are concerned, you can set them up at any time so that birds become used to them before the nesting season begins. If you want to catch the early nesters (most tits and robins), it’s best to have nest boxes in place so that you don’t miss them. However, there are a lot of later nesting birds that would be a joy to watch as they build their nests, feed their young and then see those young birds fledge. So, it’s never too late to buy well-made nesting boxes.

We also sell bicycles. All bikes sold have been serviced by our in-house time-served bike mechanic and are presented in excellent condition and at bargain prices.

All money received from any of the sales is used for replacement spare parts and for the upkeep and improvement of our Shed.