Opening Times & Assessments

The Shed now opens on Monday through Friday from 09:00hrs to 12:30hrs.

There is no obligation to be there for the full opening times and we encourage members to come and leave at their convenience, however their convenience is rather restricted due to our having put in place a booking system to ensure we keep within the Scottish Government requirements during this COVID-19 restricted period. We are not accepting visitors or members of another Shed at this time.
Members are welcome to come in to the Shed to work on their own project in the Workshop, or to have a cup of tea, read a paper or book from our library, play a game, a blether, use a computer, or what have you, in the Community area.
We encourage those who want to work in the Workshop to read and understand the Welcome Pack which has details of the use of Hand Tools, etc., with a signature being required to show you have understood the procedures for those tools. To use the powered machinery you are required to have a project in mind which will require the use of one or more power tools. A Coach must be sought before you use any of those tools, and they will coach you, or assess your knowledge on the safe and competent use of that piece of machinery. They will sign you off as competent on the Competence Register after their positive assessment of your abilities. It is not expected that you will be assessed on many pieces of equipment at one time. This is to ensure all have a good memorised understanding of the last piece of equipment you’ve worked on.