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This post for Shedders, mainly, though others may wish to review.
Last week one of our Shedders was making the most of his lockdown time clearing out his garage; he happened upon a couple of items that he thought could realise some income for the Shed in these lean times and donated them.
I followed up with another of our Shedders to ensure one of the items was “roadworthy” and proceeded to market the items.
And (never start a sentence with and…belt) he was bang on, by Jingo!! We realised £135 from the sale of his items!!
So a wee message to our Shedders (and other interested parties) if you’ve done, or are doing, a “clean oot” give some thought to items that may be marketable, in which you have no interest etc, and let us know.
We are not turning into a clearing hoose for scrap or “beyond economical repair” items etc – we’re looking for worthy items that will meet market requirements. Leave the marketing up to us.
Just message the Shed link if you feel you have something that may fit the bill, we’ll do the rest.

Market space

Do you have to fill out the Scottish census, is it a legal requirement?

All Scottish households are legally required to submit a response to the 2022 Scottish Census.
Scots could face a fine of up to £1,000 for failing to submit the questionnaire.

When is the Scottish census deadline?

Census Day is officially March 20 but the deadline to complete the 2022 Scottish census is May 1 after which the Scottish Census team will stop chasing up responses.
However, there has only been a 70% response by the deadline of May the 1st and that deadline is being moved – at more cost to the Scottish taxpayer!

If you need any help at all in filling the 2022 Census then this is the document for you.

There are both website addresses and freephone numbers to call for advice and help.

(Remember, you can use the Full Screen image pointer in the document header to enlarge the page for easier reading, it also stops you inadvertently dropping down to the next file/document by mistake. Just click “esc” to go back to the normal view.)census-partner-leaflet_web

We have received this from Aberdeenshire Council for you to obtain information on facilities available in case of more extreme weather that has us reasonably well isolated in communication, heat and hot food.
We’re leaving this on our site – just in case. We’d hate to take it down and then find that another hooley has hit us for 6.

This is a Business Watch document issued by Police Scotland giving concerns over issues in the North East.

Business Watch January 2022


This is a Police Scotland document entitled Housebreaking Advice – not a very well worded title as I’m sure they mean Stop Criminals Housebreaking (or words to that effect!).

The content is good though, so please use it and pass it onto your loved ones.Housebreaking Advice

Here is a very fine video, made by Age UK, which features our members and Shed a fair bit.
The clip hits the spot as far as the reason Sheds exist. See what other Sheds have to say…..

This pdf one is a bit small for reading easily, but just click the Full Screen image pointer and you’ll see it very clearly in full screen size. Just click “esc” to close it and get back onto normal screen size. K-M WWH leaflet May 2021