Latest Scams

This page will be dedicated to Scams and other problem “mails/web pages/hacks /rip-offs/you name it” type parting you and yours from hard earned cash, etc. Some may not be applicable to you (like the AOL scam below), but family or friends may be at risk so pass those that apply onto them.

Gents, please note that I’ve given some web pages very short names. I’ve done this when the web address is very long, just in case you want to type that web address into your web browsers input bar, or to send it to one of your friends. You’ll note that once you enter the shortened name it doesn’t stay there very long – the actual web page name appears as normal once the page is opened.

To keep this page relevant and up to date please send Wally Burnett anything you think is worth posting for other shedders to see, or be aware of.

Enjoy the web, but stay safe.

We have a document from Police Scotland which covers quite a number of spams and hacks.
Open it here:
We also have a couple of other scams, obtained from a computer magazine. The first one is about fake websites, etc., being set up to closely resemble the real websites for pension and investment management, and thus getting you to input personal data, bank details, passwords, etc.:
This other one is about staying safe if you have an AOL email account:AOL_Scams
We have been notified of a new variation of an old scam which is currently doing the rounds.
Potential victims receive an automated telephone call informing them that their National Insurance number has been linked to serious crime. They are then transferred to a “Police Officer” who provides a false name and identification number, then informs them that unless a payment is made immediately, the victim will be arrested. The call usually comes from a mobile number.
Scams of this type are increasingly common, and can sometimes claim to be from Inland Revenue, TV Licensing, online service providers and various other bodies. None of these organisations, and certainly not the police, will telephone someone, threaten them with legal action, and claim they will be arrested if they do not comply.
Unfortunately, new scams or variations of old ones pop up every week, and if we were to report on every one of them, this page would be filled with them every single day.
We recommend that if you would like to be informed of the very latest scams which are active in your area, follow Trading Standards Scotland for the well laid out and up-to-date information, at